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Welcome in Zoo de Martinique !

In the enchanting setting of the oldest house in Martinique, you can now discover the zoo of Martinique! Monkeys, jaguars, pumas, lorikeets, great anteater, racoons ... and hundreds of others, already present today or planned, live in these places for your greatest pleasure. In the middle of the renovated vestiges of the Latouche dwelling, dated 1643, visitors can walk on a didactic path arranged to discover the animals and why not interact with them as in one of the immersion aviaries of the zoo.

About 1:30 visit duration. Don't miss it : enjoy in family ...

June 2019

June 2019


a new zoo in martinique

Martinique has now its zoological park. Located at the North-West coast of the Martinique island, between le Carbet and Saint-Pierre, "Habitation Latouche" is the cozy nest of wild animal species coming from the 4 corners of the world : Australia, Africa and of course Central and south America. The path has been made for visitors confort : wooden path and bridges, shelters, tropical aviaries, panoramic views... All these facilities settled in the middle of the ancient House garden : an enchanting place where you may discover great wildcats or monkeys... This is an ideal place to learn about Martinique's history and economical trend across the ages.


one of its kind place

The remains of Habitation Latouche, nested in the heart of the valley, are proof of economical activity of Martinique in the past and its patrimonial richness. While visiting the zoo, you can discover the main house and its charming setting, equipements of manioc workshop, indigo, and of course sugar and rum, the great paddle wheel, the aqueduct and finally the dam Vauban style made.

The path has been made for visitors confort. Facilities of the zoo have been made for animals well-being : a brand new generation of zoo is now available for you. Come and see it by yourself !